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Zurich / SA Eagle

Zurich with its global headquarters in Switzerland has been in South Africa since 1965.The Zurich group internationally have received a number of awards in their capacity as an excellent insurance service provider. In 2007 they absorbed SA Eagle which has further strengthened their position as one of the top insurance companies.

They offer a full scope of comprehensive short term insurance products. These products are for both personal and business cover and range from car insurance to many highly specialized types of insurance. Zurich offers BnB insurance for Bed and Breakfast owners, Flexilite which couples together business and home insurance into one policy, Cyclesure which services the needs of keen cyclists, Cross Country for 4x4 owners and Liquid, which has targeted small businesses.

Zurich car insurance is highly regarded. They offer Zurich Assist to their clients all year round, any time of day. Zurich has Motor Assessment Centres where your claim can be sorted out in the fastest possible way. Zurich has the EZclaim Insurance Claim Card, an innovation in the short-term insurance game. This makes facilitating a claim efficient and incurring the least inconvenience as possible. Your broker can explain their superb car insurance policies in depth.

Zurich is hugely invested in South Africa. They employ in the region of 1000 people and are BEE Compliant, with 10% being owned by Royal Bafokeng Finance (Pty). They are also involved in a number of financial upliftment development projects. Zurich is available through the internet, by phone in your particular region, your broker or other financial agents. "Because change happenz" is the catch-phrase of their newest advertising strategy. This is to let the public know that things do happen in today's world, but Zurich is there to help in those dire times.