The smart way to choose your car insurance


Miway has just recently entered the South African insurance market. They have taken the concept of rewards in insurance and expanded it into a stronger and MORE incentivised program which rewards a client who is a not only 'good risk' customer but a loyal one as well. This has proven to be a big hit with people looking for MORE in an insurance company.

MiWay offers insurance in four niche areas: short term insurance, credit life insurance, home loans and extensions on your motor warranties, i.e. service plans.

The Miway reward program is called MiRewards. Entry in to the program is automatic when you become a policy holder. A risk assessment will determine what rewards you will get as well certain ongoing criteria.

Your claim history, consistent payment of your monthly premiums, the length of you relationship with Miway and the number of policies you have with Miway are all in your favour when giving out Miyas (Miway reward currency). Miyas are given for regular or specials rewards. After a 36 month period of being a Miway client these Miyas are available for you to use. Thereafter, you can spend your Miyas as you earn them. Miyas can be spent on Miway's great online store.

Miway's reward program is complimented by their easy-to-follow policies and superb customer service. You can insure in 3 quick ways: online, call-back service or speak to an agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .This makes claims simple and hassle free.

Miway's insurance policies are price competitive and offer great value-added benefits such as extended personal liability, Micredit Shortfall, Roadside assistance and MiValue protector. So choose Miway for "rewards your way".