The smart way to choose your car insurance


AA Insurance forms part of the Automobile Association of South Africa. The AA which has been the bedrock of roadside assistance since 1930 when it was formed, now offers an extensive range of services all to do with you and your vehicle from travel advisories to comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. Their motto of "get you moving, keep you moving" and "move you forward" certainly rings true.

AA Insurance offers you financial protection in the event of accident, theft or damage to both your car and home. They are seen as the reliable choice. There policies offer fair premiums with no hidden costs. Term and conditions that are applicable to your policy are clearly stated within your policy. A risk assessment and requirements which cater for your specific needs are done when determining the terms and conditions of YOUR policy.

AA Insurance has the Insurance Cash Back Product Option which could see you receiving 25% of your car insurance premiums back after four years of not claiming on your policy.

Other great innovations that AA insurance offer are Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown which protects you in the the event of a costly breakdown of your car - this is based on the age and mileage of your car. Service Plan is offered for cars out of their service plans.

Credit Protection protects you in the event that you are unable to pay for your car repayments due to death, retrenchment, temporary/permanent disability or hospitalization. AA Credit Shortfall will cover the outstanding amount due to your finance company in the event of your car being written off after an accident or stolen. See policy as condition do apply.

AA Insurance can be trusted as insurance company that delivers on price, service and reliability. These are all excellent reasons to choose AA Insurance today and call and speak to one of our friendly consultants for immediate cover.