The smart way to choose your car insurance

Virgin Insurance

Virgin Insurance is everything you would expect from this well known brand. It is innovative, exciting and most importantly brings you a product that will improve your life. It is underpinned by a philosophy of providing great service, and great rewards while still offering you the best deal.

It was launched in March 2010 and offers you comprehensive cover for all your short term insurance needs. Their vehicle insurance will provide comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft, third party only as well as comprehensive off-road cover. Their comprehensive cover will protect your vehicle if you are in an accident or if your car is stolen. It also covers accessories, accidental death and third party cover. Although none of us want these things to happen to us, it is a reality that they could and having Virgin there to back you up will definitely make dealing with the problem much easier.

Virgin Insurance goes beyond just providing cover for your car, they also offer motorcycle insurance, caravan cover, trailer cover, as well as watercraft cover. No matter where you go or how you choose to get there you can relax in the knowledge that, should something go wrong, you are covered. They also have accident and towing assist which will cover you in the event that you need to be towed, saving you time and money and ensuring that you are not left with the worry and hassle of organising and paying for expensive towing. Their roadside assist program means that they will come to your aid in a roadside emergency, even if it's just locking your keys in the car!

For a great deal which is matched by a great product this is an insurer that has you covered. Virgin Insurance has your back when it come to short term insurance - so go and have fun knowing that you are fully protected.