The smart way to choose your car insurance


Today's spiralling cost has resulted in car insurance becoming unaffordable for many people. Car Insurance is a necessity that one cannot do without. With this in mind Hollard developed the Hollard "Pay As You Drive" concept. It is considered one of the most personalised car insurance product offered on the South Africa market.

Your monthly premiums are based on how far you travel in your car, in other words your monthly kilometre reading. This literally puts you in the drivers seat, where you can have optimum control over your monthly premiums. This "Pay As You Drive" product has been well received by the consumer as it is viewed as the most unbiased indicator of how much you should be paying for car insurance.

Hollard "Pay As You Drive" has two parts to its monthly premiums. Firstly, you pay a fixed portion. The second part of the premium fluctuates according to your kilometres driven in that month.

A Skytrax Tracker keeps a record of this mileage in order to calculate the overall premium for that month. If you exceed a limit of 417km in a month you start to get charged by CENTS PER KILOMETRE. The Skytrax is also a great benefit as it helps in the recovery of your car if stolen. Both portions of the premium (fixed and the CENTS PER KILOMETRE) are based on traditional risk factors such as age, make of car, driving history, etc.

Further outstanding value-added benefits are also available to policy holders:

  • Third Party Liability - R10m limit subject to conditions
  • Towing and storage of your vehicle up to R1000
  • Accidental Death Insurance - in the event of death your family could be paid out up to R15000 to help with expenses
  • Repair to damage to car accessories such as car keys, remote controls and locks up to a R1 500 limit
  • The choice of hiring a car when yours needs to be fixed

With Hollard "Pay As You Drive" you could save up to 30% on your monthly premiums. It is one of the most comprehensive and cost-saving car insurance policies available. Free Quotes are available online and claims can be easily made through Hollard's friendly call centres.