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1st for Women

2003 saw the birth of the first insurance company specifically aimed at women and their needs in South Africa. 1st for Women was borne out of the desire to offer the best insurance products for the best price taking into account the unique needs of women.

Women were traditionally seen on the same level as their male counterparts with regard to safety in driving and care of their motor vehicle. Statistically, this has been proven not to be the case. This resulted in woman paying the same premiums as men (with the same risk factors). 1st for Women addressed this misconception, the outcome being an up to 40% saving on premiums for women. Not only do 1st for Women offer the best car insurance but also have extended their portfolio to encompass home insurance as well. These great policies also extend to their families.

1st for Women have many added benefits which are FREE to policy holders. These are:

  • Road Assist is FREE to all car policy holders. It includes overnight accommodation at 1st for Women's approved hotel, towing, flat tire assistance, locksmith and repatriation of a vehicle. Check your policy for exclusions and limits.
  • Trauma Assist is FREE to all policy holders. It includes individual and group therapy and help with courtroom preparation which is run through a nation system of trauma centres.
  • Towing Assistance is FREE to all our car policy holders for total piece of mind.
  • Home Assistance is FREE to all policy holders. The call out fee and 1 hours labour is covered in the case of home emergencies. Services such as Electricians, Plumbers, Appliance repairmen and locksmiths are available to 1st for women policy holders.
  • Expo-sure is the assistance in the accidental exposure to HIV/AIDS
  • Entertainment Assistance is a FREE information service for valued policy holders.

1st for women has introduced many innovations such as Road Angel Assistance which gives Johannesburg women 24 hour 365 days a year roadside support. Another great initiative is The 1st for Women Trust, a fundraising effort in support of needy women in South Africa.

1st for women is an outstanding choice for women looking for comprehensive, affordable short-term insurance.