The smart way to choose your car insurance

Absa iDirect

The Absa Group now offers Absa iDirect, a trusted short term insurance company which has insurance solutions which cater to different types of people, including car insurance, personal insurance and property insurance.

Absa iDirect is a great choice when looking to insure your car as they offer comprehensive cover with many outstanding features that come standard with your motor vehicle insurance policy. They undertake to replace your car at retail value if the need arises. This would see them replace the car with a car similar to yours in make,year and model. Your car radio is also covered, provided it is the original factory-fitted one. You have access to 24 hour roadside assistance, which is a much-needed benefit.

Absa iDirect has a flat excess amount which is not based on percentages. You are then well aware what excess you would pay if you make a claim. Absa iDirect also offers third party liability if you damage the car or property of a third person. This would include personal liability cover up to R2.5 million.

Absa iDirect also offers a cash-back system which they refer to as the Refund Benefit. Your reward for not claiming on your insurance for a time period of three years would be 10% of your premiums back. Thereafter, it goes up to 15% in the 4th year and 20% in the subsequent years.

There are of course further options you can add on to the basic car insurance such as accessories cover for tow bars, mag wheels etc., cover for non-standard radios and speakers and extended liabilty cover over and above the 2.5 million automatic cover. Absa iDirect also offers a Lifestyle program which extends special offers and deals to their policyholders from their partner retailers and service providers.

Absa iDirect is a great offering from one of South Africa's most credible financial institutions. You can contact them via the web, call back system, call centre and brokers. To be in safe hands call Absa iDirect for comprehensive car insurance that you can trust.