The smart way to choose your car insurance

Mutual and Federal

Mutual and Federal is one of South Africa's oldest insurance companies. They have been in existence for roughly 180 years. In 1970 they became Mutual and Federal as we know it today This has resulted in years of experience which has allowed Mutual and Federal to evolve in to one of the largest insurance companies in South Africa. They have always based their success on strong customer service which has contributed to their durability through South Africa's ever-changing landscape.

Mutual and Federal offer a comprehensive range of car insurance products. No-one can be without this essential cover as it can protect you from a huge financial burden if something happens to your motor vehicle. Mutual and Federal offers three types of cover for your car:

  • Third Party insurance only which would cover you for third party liability
  • Insurance for third party, fire and theft which would insure you for these three risks
  • Comprehensive car insurance which gives you the most cover in the event of damage to your car and damage to another's persons car, theft of your car, fire, third party liability which includes injury or death to a third party. There are also a few benefits which are automatically offered to policy holders depending on there policy type, as well as optional extra cover such as car hire if you car needs to be repaired after an accident or stolen.

Mutual and Federal's solid reputation extends past the borders of South Africa and is fast becoming a major player in Southern Africa - they already have a presence in Botswana and Namibia. They have nurtured their relationships with brokers and clients alike and are seen as a trustworthy short term insurance company that offers fair rates for outstanding insurance.