The smart way to choose your car insurance


Outsurance has won the hearts of many South Africans with their direct service and innovative OutBonus Reward program. Since their inception in 2000 they have continually delivered on this outstanding service and have paid out as much as 500 million in OutBonuses. They were one of the first in the short term insurance industry to institute a rewards programs with many companies following suite.

They are also responsible for the many great community programs such as the Outsurance Pointsman and the highly successful Staff Helping Out Programs where many great causes are helped. Great sporting events such as the Outsurance Gunrun and the OutRide are also sponsored by Outsurance. They fall under the umbrella of the RMBH First Rand group.

Outsurance offers a full range of short term products and are a one stop shop for all your personal and business insurance needs. Their personal insurance policies that they offer are for Motor Vehicle, Building, Content, Watercraft, Cover for personal items when OUT and ABOUT, Personal Cover and lastly Essential Cover for basic cover that one should not do without.

Business cover includes the following policies: Company Vehicle or Fleet cover, Employee liability cover, Public Liability cover, Content cover, Out and About cover for content, Employee Dishonesty cover, Watercraft cover, Business Interruption cover, Building Insurance and Electronic equipment, Stock and Money cover.

All these policies are flexible and can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Outsurance of course offers their great Out surance bonus which rewards you for not claiming. A period of 3 claim free years will get you a set percentage of you premiums paid within this timeframe paid back to you. A further 2 years of no claims will see another payout. Thereafter, payout happen annually if you have not made a claim. See policies for terms and conditions.

Outsurance offers you the choice of calling their technologically advanced call center or dealing with one of their superb consultants on a one-to- basis. They are available when you need them. Askafrica, an independent research company found Outsurance to have the lowest premiums for household and car insurance on the market.